"Come and Explore where all things Creative take all kinds of Shapes and Forms"

My name is Nomar Perez. I was born on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, in the city of Ponce, a unique city with new and old Spanish colonial architecture and an amazing array of colors, sounds, and flavors. I'm a kids designer, illustrator and author that loves to create and explore all things creative! My Puerto Rican culture has influenced me throughout my artistic life. I moved from my homeland to Ohio at the age of 10 with my parents and my 5 siblings. All types of media influence my work, most especially animation, puppetry, and computer art. I studied computer animation and painting at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, and since then have worked as an illustrator on social expression products in the categories of humor, children's, and young adult. I have also illustrated numerous children's books and school publishing books. Coquí in the City will be my first Author-Illustrator debut.